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So.. clueless about how to navigate this new site. But since many of my friends and people I follow migrated from Goodreads, I couldn't let them go. I owe more than half my reading list to their suggestions.


So here I am. Hope I won't flood the news feed for those I'll be following or who will follow me. I expect I have a couple of rough weeks ahead of me while I figure out the ins and outs of this place as well as hunt down.. I mean locate my favorite authors and friends.


Still hoping that I'll be able to use my Goodreads account but if not... best of luck to all of us that moved on. I'm off to pray to whomever that my book list is imported correctly.

The Art of Touch by Dominique Frost

The Art of Touch - Dominique Frost

This was boring. Some of the elements stayed the same throughout all 3 books I've read by this author. There is a significant age difference between the characters, the younger one is always mouthy and very bold, the older one knows to take it slow and seduce his way into the younger one's bed and heart.


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Bodies in Space by Shukyou

Bodies in Space - Shukyou

What a wonderful read! Made me laugh, made me cry, made me ache with hurt and most of all, made me fall in love with Isaac!

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Duet For Tenor and Transradial Orthosis by Shukyou

Duet For Tenor and Transradial Orthosis - Shukyou

So, the story is placed in a steampunk alternate reality and it took me a while to catch on since there were no clear indications. But it was the perfect background for our unlikely heroes. I don't know which one I liked more: Gus or Enzo.

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The Price by Dominique Frost

The Price - Dominique Frost

It was a nice story but didn't grab my full attention. There wasn't enough of the characters to make me love them.


The plot is standard. Clumsy (almost) courtesan is picked by the ruling lord. An uncle (in this case) sets his eyes on said courtesan, while at the same time trying to kill the lord and assume power. Cole had a sassy attitude (and, for some reason, I expected him to be as vivacious as Ryan from "In the Blaze of His Hungers"). But then again, I didn't really get a feel for the characters to empathise with them or care more deeply about what might happen to them. Plus, I was annoyed by the present tense used in the story telling. And why did Darren have to set Cole free? Perhaps the man would have much rather enjoyed being kept as slave, then apprentice a physician. I'm just saying there was that possibility.

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It's good for a slave being released type of story, for characters that are not overly emotional, for minor plotting and a happy ending. I just wanted a more meaningful connection.


The Substitute Wife 3 by Keegan Kennedy

The Substitute Wife - Part Three - Keegan Kennedy

That was the proverbial icing on the cake! 1.5 stars is all I can give.


For a 1/3 of the book I wasn't sure if I was reading book 2 or 3. It was the same boring stuff: Austin waking up with Hank, morning sex, making breakfast, a blowjob then Hank going off to work. The series had to end with Austin cussing and hitting his mother in a fight for ownership over Hank. Of course, she's now this fat manipulative bitch, hoping to get rich and spoil things between the happily married couple. Luckily, Austin doesn't believe in her tricks and heroically comes to Hank's rescue. Their reward is Angie going away for good and another sex marathon to celebrate they 1 year anniversary.

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If words like "boy spot" and "pussyboy", Daddy play and a bit of roughing up does it for you, then you might enjoy this despite the bad narrative.


The Substitute Wife 2 by Keegan Kennedy

The Substitute Wife - Part Two - Keegan Kennedy

Apparently this is meant to be funny and not taken seriously. Totally missed that.


Whereas in the first book, I thought the details about Austin loving Hank were added to ensure the readers didn't think this was non-con, in this installment they are included to emphasise Austin's feelings for his stepdad/husband. So the story progresses with the happy couple having married and moved to a new city and still enjoying the honeymoon bliss. Then we get a small scene where Hank shows his possessiveness and jealousy (and here I thought they were headed for a threesome) and loses the capital needed for his business to flourish. Life goes on, and Austin finds himself being stalked and almost raped in his own home by a ghost from the past, one of Hank's former employees. Of course, Hank comes right in the nick time and kills him, getting a nice reward for it. So with one smooth kill, we are shown how brave and loving Hank is towards Austin while also ensuring the needed financial capital.

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By this point, I was already considering this a fairy tale, so the happily ever after slapped at the end came as no surprise.

The Substitute Wife by Keegan Kennedy

The Substitute Wife - Keegan Kennedy

First off. I feel ripped off. I open the file to see 24 pages and halfway through, the book ends. The other half is publicity for the author's other books. Moving past that, not sure how to rate this. I gave it 3 stars because I found the sex scenes hot. But the story itself, not so much. 2.5 stars.



The writing was off putting somewhat since the author seemed intent to highlight the almost daddy issues (though Hank and Austin are in no way related) - "As my ass sat on his lap for the first time, I instantly noticed that Hank, my stepdad, had a massive hard-on." We already knew Hank was his stepdad, why mention it again? And just to be sure there wasn't any idea of rape or pedophilia, we are told (right before the sex begins) that Austin has just turned 18 and that he's been fantasising about Hank doing him. Another thing that I found disturbing was Hank's tendency to use the phrase "pussy hole". However, the sex scene was dirty and hot, in part because of the incest innuendo.


Yet, even if Austin was said to be 18, he felt like a kid, or to possess the mentality of one. I mean, being asked if he wanted to play the wife role or expand his studying, he chose a life with Hank. It was like kicking a dog and expecting him to understand why you hit him in the first place.

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Still, if the installments are that short, I might try the second one also, just to see what else these two are up to.


In the Blaze of His Hungers by Dominique Frost

In the Blaze of His Hungers - Dominique Frost

Thank you Amaranth for putting this on my radar and telling me it was free on Amazon. What a delicious, naughty read!

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The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper

The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper

I liked Ryan and John (I hated it when he was called Johnny) I just didn't love them. I was talking earlier how one perceives GFY contemporary stories and what makes it believable or not. And while I accepted it in the end, there were some small peeves that decreased the pleasure of reading about this pair.

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Father Figure by Kichiku Neko

Father Figure - Kichiku Neko,  TogaQ (illustrator)

Let's get one thing straight. The story rates about 4 stars. But it left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I'm not sure I'll ever want to recommend it to anyone, much less re-read.


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The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes

The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes

For some reason, I failed to connect with the characters. Yes, it's the type of book where I have to say "it's me, not you" because other members and friends quite enjoyed it.

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Borrowed from Amaranth!



The Parting Glass by Josh Lanyon

The Parting Glass - Josh Lanyon

This was definitely much better than the first novel. Somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars for this.



I connected emotionally with Tim and it was easy to understand his anxiety at meeting Luke. I found it natural that Tim would distort the memory of their relationship while he had been drinking. It was hard going back to a town filled with drinking memories and friends who knew you more drunk than sober because the craving for a drink never goes away. It’s a constant battle to resist it. And it’s hard dissecting a past relationship, admitting your faults and mistakes and putting aside your pride. And there is always one person who is going to be hurt the most.


Like another member remarked, it’s a depressing book. It’s gloomy and only in the last few pages do you get a ray of hope, however, clearly not enough to dispel the heavy atmosphere felt throughout 95% of the book. Yet that is what I liked about the story. Perhaps you need a certain mood to be able to read this. If the author was able to immerse me in such a degree in the story and make me experience even dark emotions, so much that I even accepted the fact Luke and Tim would go their separate ways (well, the ending comes as a surprise), then how could I not praise the writing?

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The intensity of emotions bled through the pages. Well done Mr. Lanyon!


In a Dark Wood by Josh Lanyon

In a Dark Wood - Josh Lanyon

I wasn't sure what to expect of this. It was included in the "Arresting Developments" anthology and I assumed it would deal with ghosts or some supernatural being. Should have read the blurb.

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Out of the Blue by Josh Lanyon

Out of the Blue - Josh Lanyon

I admit, it took me a while to get the feel for Bat and understand the depth of emotions he felt for Gene and the grief he experienced after his death.

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Interlude with Tattoos by K. J. Charles

Interlude with Tattoos (A Charm of Magpies, #1.5)  - K.J. Charles

"I have lost a tattoo."


Priceless! I laughed so hard while reading the last pages of this interlude.


I am loving Crane and Stephen more and more. So many questions.

Will Crane be allowed to go back to China? Who and how would Crane's power be used? How will things progress between the two?

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When is the next volume coming out?


P.S.: And just look at that book cover! Stunning!

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