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So.. clueless about how to navigate this new site. But since many of my friends and people I follow migrated from Goodreads, I couldn't let them go. I owe more than half my reading list to their suggestions.


So here I am. Hope I won't flood the news feed for those I'll be following or who will follow me. I expect I have a couple of rough weeks ahead of me while I figure out the ins and outs of this place as well as hunt down.. I mean locate my favorite authors and friends.


Still hoping that I'll be able to use my Goodreads account but if not... best of luck to all of us that moved on. I'm off to pray to whomever that my book list is imported correctly.


The Magpie Lord by K. J. Charles

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

Decidedly a very good book. I understand why all the fuss about it. 4.6 stars because there were a couple of things that bugged me.



The things that pulled me out of the story were: the first couple of pages in the book where I wasn't sure in which time period the action was set and had to accommodate the language. The other thing was the need for clearer delimitation when POV were switched. It starts with a chapter dedicated to each MC, then POV switch within the chapters. And I would have been fine with that but there was no spacing whatsoever to indicate the change. Suddenly, moving from one paragraph to the next, I was seeing things from Stephen's POV instead of Crane. Confusing and irritating.


But even with those editorial glitches, I was sucked in by the story. The paranormal element was outstanding. Coursed items, ghosts, influencing, magical attacks and the amazing final battle. Everything ran smoothly. I was totally sucked in by the mystery and magical and fantastical elements introduced in the book and not once did I question anything. I simply waited for the author to solve each puzzle and show me what the characters would do. Even the last minute save was superbly done and blended nicely in the story.


Now Stephen and Crane. I was pleasantly surprised by them as they showed characteristics outside the standard norm. Crane wasn't the stoic alpha male, not letting himself be scared by anything and bravely confronting everything. He recognised his less than perfect past and was proud of it, was honest in admitting he would run if scared and (my favourite) he totally supported the cruel death penalty dealt to his father and brother. And Stephen seemed dull at first but despite his concealing magic, his qualities shine through and you discover throughout the story his gentle nature, his resolve to rid the world of warlocks, his strength to defend what is right and his fragile heart slowly falling for Crane. They really brought spark to the story. I became quite attached to them.

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I am sooo looking forward to reading A Case of Possession!


Perfect Day by Josh Janyon

Perfect Day - Josh Lanyon

What beautiful writing! How can a story so short make me feel the whole span of emotions from despair to hope and love?

I was right along Wyatt. It was like I also felt his emotions. Wyatt was brave to confess his feelings, he was entitled to being angry at Graham for not reciprocating, then he realised it wasn't really Graham's fault if he hadn't fallen in love. Wyatt then let logic prevail, he came to terms that their love was not meant to be. I feel like practically every line in this story can be used as a proverb in every day life. There are great loves that are not meant to be. There are hearts that are broken. And people still fight for love even when that love brings them pain.

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Found (Darwin's Theory) by Adrienne Wilder

Found - Adrienne Wilder


Let's get one thing clear. I could not believe for one second that Peter was dead. Despite all the evidence (and trust me, it doesn't get more real than a funeral), I refused to acknowledge that Peter had died. I hung with teeth and nails to the idea it was a hoax to allow Peter to get away from Rebecca and all the secret agencies behind her. A ruse that required Darwin to also believe he was dead.


And I was proven right about 1/3 way into the book. Which is about the same time I wanted to strangle Whitcomb to death. However, the mourning D went through was very real and heartfelt. I felt really sad for him. Probably more sad, because I was repeating in my head "But Peter isn't really dead! You just don't know it yet." And Raithe... oh, he was a jewel. So caring and thoughtful! I want a happy ending for him too after everything he did for D, the way he took care of him and fought to keep him alive when D had given up all hope, then helped D in getting the truth out of Whitcomb (that almost rape scene was priceless!!) and going with D to save Peter My heart melted at all that selflessness.


The second half of the book took on a more paranormal/sci-fi edge as the cast struggled to break the metaphysical bond between Peter and Darwin. I thought that bond existed for some time so why not leave it be? (well, other than Withcomb wanting to have Peter for himself). Why was the bond suddenly dangerous to Darwin? Or was it a ploy to get him to the facility? And I hate Darwin for being so indifferent to the reasons why he was wanted by Rebecca, why and how he was different leaving the reader in the dark. This must mean another installment will be written, right?

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Darwin and Peter forma great pair. I love reading about them. Hopefully, Raithe will not disappear from the scenery and we'll get to hear more from all of them.


The Keeper by Hollis Shiloh

The Keeper - Hollis Shiloh

Probably not a good idea to read this in between the books from Darwin's Theory series. Oh well. There wasn't anything truly exciting happening. Which is why I had a hard time investing any interest. That and the fact Cole read like a 12 year old boy, not a lonely man tending a lighthouse.

A fact that was confirmed when Cole referred to his lover's private parts as "He was long in another way, too, if you get my meaning." It's ok to say penis. Cock. Dick. Love rod. Meat stick. And so on. Another thing slightly annoying was the speed with which Cole would get aroused. I suppose it's due to his long term forced isolation that anything, really, was a trigger.

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So yes. A cute story overall but average and quickly forgettable for me.


Lost (Darwin's Theory) by Adrienne Wilder

Lost - Adrienne Wilder

Fun times and hard times. Literally and figuratively speaking.

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Promises (Darwin's Theory) by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory: PROMISES - Adrienne Wilder

I love the little twists and turns this story is taking. I might have some small personal nitpicks with a couple of things within but this is a solid 4 stars.



Secret military funding, the answer to understanding the transition to Lesser-Breds. Kidnapping. Declarations of undying love. Hot sex scenes. But what stood out to me was one small scene that captured all my interest. D catching fire? I was immediately thinking of a different type of Becoming Lesser-Bred or becoming Kin. Or even better, a new species all together. And the change thanks to Darwin's absolute love of Peter. What can I say, I'm a sucker for that. And it would explain his passion for fire and pyrotechnics displays.


I did turn a bit squeamish when Peter actually bit and... *shudders* chewed a piece of Darwin? I thought I understood how far Darwin would go out of love but this seemed a bit too much. The fact he found it arousing made it that more unappetising. It drives home the fact that D has no logic or survival instinct if it involves Peter. Yet, it was disturbing.

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Can't wait to see what happens next in the next installment.


Thursday Afternoon by Jumping Jack Flash

Thursday Afternoon - Jesse Hajicek,  Jumping Jack Flash

I kept saying "awww" and making little hearts in the air through half of that.


I liked Nicky's point of view so much more than Joey's. Not just because of the explicit sex scene (though that helped) but because I love Nicky's take charge attitude and self assurance. I liked how he tried to pretend it was only camaraderie and sex between them but then bites the bullet (sort to speak) and admits (through gazes and gestures) that Joey means more than that to him.


Just Drive the Car by Jumping Jack Flash

Just Drive The Car -  Jesse Hajicek,  Jumping Jack Flash

A very nice story.


Nicky was an interesting surprise. Instead of the carefree, party guy, he was devoted to inheriting the family business and proving himself. Joey was sweet and caring. He definitely wouldn't make it as a hitman. But his feelings for Nicky were true. Their romance seemed a bit out of nowhere but still cute and lovable. Thus the 3 stars.

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Secrets (Darwin's Theory) by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory: SECRETS - Adrienne Wilder

Things are getting serious. And hotter.



I knew there was something off with Peter. Unlike D, I wasn't blinded by love to find Peter's sudden change of heart about sex natural. And going by what D knew of him, he too should have found it odd that Peter gave up school and sexual intercourse so easily.


I wanted to cast Whitcomb as the bad guy (and granted, he has some hidden agenda of his won) but I was mellowed out by his sincere concern over D and Peter's fate and their chances of surviving Peter's change without any help. I put a fairy tale glow over their dilemma and refused to think anything bad could happen to them. But Whitcomb's words and D's worries broke that bubble. The Shift is dangerous for both of them. I'm curious to learn more about Kin and Lesser-Bred and the pair's adventures.

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Pain (Darwin's Theory) by Adrienne Wilder

Darwin's Theory:  PAIN - Adrienne Wilder

It's a good thing I have the next installment or the ending would have made me really mad. You don't stop right in the middle of the scene. It's just not cool!



Darwin is certainly an interesting character. I'm not sure whether the suffering he mentions is due to him pining after Peter for so many years or something else altogether. His self-destruct routine is heart wrenching and makes me want to hug him and try and make things better for him. But I love his *I don't care* attitude and his fierce protection of Peter.


I need more information to understand what the Kin, the Lesser-Breds really are and how they fit into the story. And I wonder whether Peter's sudden change of heart had anything to do with the video Mark Tolbert, Darwin's arch nemesis, had sent or something more sinister. A second point of view would also help since I can't believe Peter is all that perfect. D just sees him through loved filled eyes.

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Class Mate 2 by Yamila Abraham

Class Mate - Conclusion - Yamila Abraham

The plot thickens.



Did not understand why Ms Gray hounded them so assiduously. Before her betrothed died, I would have expected to see her extremely happy and planning out her wedding, not stalking Taggert to see whether he had a tattoo/bracelet around his wrist or not. And for that part, I thought the headmaster, Douglas was on Taggert's side. Did not expect him to fire Taggert and act so scandalised.


At one point I almost dropped the rating to 1 star. When Taggert's neighbours and Duncan's family organised a meeting to show their support and the nosy neighbours kept using terms like "us" and "them". I hated that kind of social divide. And Taggert played right along them. Hardly the undying love spawned by the great Oracle. He should have praised him and stood by him. Not ask Duncan to play the stupid to appease his neighbours when the boy first moved in with him.


Then there was the accident at the foundry. Frankly, I could care less about Ryan and William. The accident was their only appearance in the book. I suspect they were included to be a live example of the wedge between the wealthy and the poor. If that were the case, I expected more generosity from Taggert if he felt that strongly for Duncan’s family and the situation of those in need. 3 guineas is hardly enough to sustain a family.

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And then all the side plots hastily added throughout the book are all resolved in the last 3 pages with everyone living happily ever after. Yeah, 2 stars for this.


Class Mate by Yamila Abraham

Class Mate - Yamila Abraham

I'd like to say I was mislead but it was my fault for not reading the summary more carefully. The only thing I remembered when I picked this up was the cover which led me to think it would focus on spankings.


Silly me. There was only small scene where Duncan gets 3 strikes with a birch. I failed to understand why Callum was so worried about being dismissed from the Academy. And I wasn't expecting Duncan to top from the bottom, nor for a mysterious Oracle to randomly decide who should end up with whom. The most surprising part was when Callum was one moment trying to get Duncan to stop pining after him, then the next he was struck by love. And just like that, he was head over heels. Yet, despite the love blooming in his chest, he still wanted for the two of them to keep their distance to avoid any scandal.

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And then the book ended. Not sure why the author split the book in two.


Hainted by Jordan L. Hawk

Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk

I had two major issues with the story which made me give it 2 stars.



One.Both MCs were shy in making a move towards the other. The first half of the book was filled with either Dan or Leif pining after the other, making no move towards something physical and listing the reasons why they shouldn't get involved. At one point I started to wonder if anything would happen between them since neither was inclined to approach the other. Luckily the author solved that by putting one of them (Leif) in danger and used the resulting adrenaline and fear to make the pair get intimate. The second half of the book was lukewarm at best in terms of romance for Dan and Leif, Dan tried to hide his sexuality from the people in town and then they had to battle Leif away from his abusive master. I was a bit put off that, after spending 2.3 of the book listing reasons and staying away, their relationship was nicely wrapped up with them moving away and living happily ever after. All of a sudden and just like that? That's just too easy for me.


Second. The action scenes. I was expecting adrenaline packed moments, uneasy and fearful scenes spanning for pages where Dan or Leif fought a ghost. But all I got were sparks. Before I had a chance to get into the mood, the problem was solved and the ghost laid to rest. The only lengthy fight was at the end, an amalgam of discovering the secret cave, killing Leif's former master, Runar and defeating Ezekiel, busybody/blackmailer/sorcerer that had lived hundreds of years before. And frankly, I found it a bit amusing to imagine Dan waving those antlers to help the ghosts cross over.


Second and 1/2. I remembered there was one other thing that bugged me. And that was Dan lamenting his inability to save his mother. I counted at least 3 or 4 times throughout the book (I was afraid to actually check the real number of times) where he went over the same lines: not saving his mother, letting her die alone, he was useless. I was just about ready to bitch slap him and ask him to man up.

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I suppose the plot and the characters just weren't my type. It was an ok read but not something that I'm going to remember on the long run.


Half Moon Chambers by Harper Fox

Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox

I really enjoyed the book!


What a gripping tale. The story was made of feelings. I really felt for Vince and Rowan. However, ultimately, I sided more with Rowan than I did with Vince despite the story being told from Vincent's point of view.

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Happy New Year!

photo Funniest-happy-new-year-hd-wallpaper-2014_zps229beb25.jpg


Sooo cute and funny. Thanks Amaranth for sharing!


Seven by Adrienne Wilder

Seven  - Adrienne Wilder

What a wonderful way to end the year! I so enjoyed Seven and Chase's adventure. The book started with some funny and witty comments and I immediately liked the seemingly misfit men.

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