Memory Kick by C.M. Torrens

Memory Kick - C.M. Torrens

I don't hate the book. I simply could not find one thing to make it worth my while for having read this. So it gets 1 star.

I wanted to enjoy this. But right off, my expectations were not met. I was looking forward to some thrilling sci-fi and got a sort of romantic mush instead.

The plot jumped from one thing to another, and I never got the chance to fully understand and empathise with the characters. The only emotion I felt was in the first few pages when Quasay was being drugged and forced to submit to a rape. Then he wanders in Cameron's path. Both decide to trust each other for reasons unknown. They dance the ritual dance without actually doing anything until Cameron kills Quasay's abusers. After getting through that scarring experience and detox, the heroes naturally jump in the sack. Follows a sweet but short moment of homey romance and then Quasay is kidnapped and forced to remember his past (of course by excruciating means). Quasay/Sai and Cameron meet again, Quasay spoils all of Cameron's work and goes back with Archer, to be tortured for the memories he kept hidden. Long story short, the pair manage to defeat the bad guys and have their happy ever after.


I failed to understand the connection between Quasay and Cameron or some of their reactions. The same with Quasay and Archer/the Father. One moment he was a hissing, spitting cat, the next, he was meek and docile. I could not relate to these mood swings. And the whole sci-fi vibe felt off. So far in the future and the Tudor style houses are still in demand... or when Quasay is sick and they bring him a bucket... I mean, is that's the best future technology has to offer?

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I tried to find this acceptable. But nothing worked for me. I don't have any negative feelings towards it. There's not even that.