I Spy Something Christmas by Josh Lanyon

I Spy Something Christmas - Josh Lanyon


Can I say just one thing first? The killer was a complete surprise and totally out of the blue. I mean, after 3/4 of the book of Mark insisting his past had nothing to do with the shooting, we find out it actually does. And it was something so far back even Mark had trouble remembering. I found it a bit annoying to be chasing around town for supposed killers.


I was also a bit fed up with Stephen and Mark to be honest. It took 3 books for Mark to finally realise any argument he had with Stephen was not an automatic break-up. And Stephen always seemed to play the part of the wounded party, understanding and caring and unappreciated by Mark. The former spy did have a tendency to keep to himself, hide things or downplay them but Stephen wasn't all that great at communicating and sharing either.


So yeah, for some reason, I've had enough of them. They always have to hash things out, create this tension between them when I wanted them together against the world. They make a nice pair but don't think I'm interested in reading more about Mark and Stephen. I hope this is the end and they live their happily ever after.

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