I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon

I Spy Something Wicked (I Spy, #2) - Josh Lanyon

Strange little story. I liked it (enough for 3 stars) but it kind of left me wondering, both regarding the emotional level and status of things between the pair.


As much as most stories have a communication issue at the heart of the problem (and this was no exception) for the first time I found myself aggravated that they struggled to be honest with each other. I was repeatedly urging them to get on it with and come out in the open with their feelings, especially when they were aware of the damage they were doing and that that they were actively stalling in talking. I could relate to Mark's insecurities. And yet, sometimes they read like sulking and feeling sorry for oneself. Looking at it objectively, I can understand how hard it is to surpass your insecurities, fears and compulsions, even when you are conscious of them. But I wanted Mark to find that final push to get him over them and pouted when he didn't.


There are a lot of emotions, feelings and beliefs discussed in the book. So much that I needed some time after finishing the story to get through them all and also focus on the story line to figure out that Mark decided not to leave in the end.

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Perhaps I was in a funky mood not appropriate for this book. It kept me interested and reading till the end but I was lacking emotional connection towards the characters, which for me is vital to loving a book.