I Spy Something Bloody by Josh Lanyon

I Spy Something Bloody - Josh Lanyon

Quite enjoyed this. The emotional charge throughout the story was intense and I was rooting for Mark to get his second chance. And just when things looked hopeless, there was a sudden twist in the plot, keeping me hooked till the very last line. Josh Lanyon knows how to write good action books. 3.5 towards 4 stars.


I tried to keep an open mind, remain objective so I could analyse both point of view but somewhere along the way, I sided with Mark. I found myself holding my breath as he made attempt, after attempt to get Stephen to understand and forgive him. I felt Mark's anguish, more so after each quick flash in the past to show the reader what an idyllic romance they had. I couldn't muster any resentment for his cowardice and for him choosing the spy business over a life with Stephen. While I understood both men had suffered (Stephen for over 2 years), I disliked Stephen's surly rejections and spiteful words. I wanted him to see and understand what Mark was going through and how heartfelt his confessions were.


And when all seemed doomed, when Stephen had yet again rejected Mark's attempts at reconciliation, in swoops Mark's past threatening both of them. There's a kick of adrenaline for the pair and reader alike as Mark and Stephen fight for their lives. And though corny, I felt the scene with the two of them in the cellar was needed, a new bond forming that might help erase their past mistakes. I also enjoyed the parting scene when Old Man personally delivered Mark's dismissal. It was another layer of characterisation for Stephen, Mark and Old Man.

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I look forward to finding out how Stephen and Mark get along after that.