No Beginning, No End by Richard Rider

No Beginning, No End (Stockholm Syndrome, #3) - Richard Rider

What an incredible story! I fell in love with Pip/Valentine and Lindsay. 4.5 stars well deserved.


This read to me like a relationship evolving as the people involved evolved themselves. It was written evidence of the way people learn from interacting with others, from learning to avoid past mistakes, from discovering what they truly want and how to go about getting that. It was beautiful to watch both Valentine and Lindsay come to know each other so well that they are able to push and prod when need be, diffuse a tensed situation or simply be there for the other in a way that is meaningful to that person. I said this before but it bears repeating. They can correctly interpret each small gesture, sigh, glance, word that their partner does. That really impressed me. To be able to know someone so well and be able to meet their needs and expectations and be willing to do that, even when it's something you are not comfortable with... that really proves just how much Valentine and Lindsay are in love with each other.



Another aspect I truly loved about this story was how involved I felt in their relationship. How I was so in-sync with Lindsay at times, feeling his insane and unjustified jealousy but unable to move past it. Or the times I could understand both their need for violence and pain and how arousing I found it myself.


The only slightly icky moment (if I can call it that) was the peeping tom scene where Lindsay and Valentine had sex while another couple was watching just outside the car. Valentine and Lindsay's reactions and dialogue were funny but the idea itself... being watched and have the couple get it on... just no. Not for me.

(show spoiler)



Overall, it's a gripping tale. Some aspects are rough and in your face so this might not be for everyone. But it was just right for me and I enjoyed spending time with this pair and getting to know them.