Playing with Food by K.A. Merikan

Playing with Food - K.A. Merikan

I was kind of reticent in starting this. I mean, the first line was "When the mermaid’s skin turned a dark golden hue, the kitchen staff moved the spit roast away from the fire and placed her grotesquely contorted body on a metal stand at the main table." and I was already envisioning scary, torturous scenes where the main character barely escapes with his life... or not. The actual story wasn't that scary (thank God).


But it was very original. Each character with a unique set of traits and physical elements. And I really could envision that Llawan was a merman with every tiny, seemingly insignificant detail added in the story, twitch of a fin, glide of the body through the water, breathing the air without the comfort of water. The plot itself was a mix between seduction and horror and yet, just like Llawan, I found myself wanting to read more about the pair, discover what else is in store for them.


Recommended for original story and characters and interesting play on impressions.