Bodies in Space by Shukyou

Bodies in Space - Shukyou

What a wonderful read! Made me laugh, made me cry, made me ache with hurt and most of all, made me fall in love with Isaac!


I really identified with Isaac, felt and saw the world through his eyes. And most amazing, the author managed to make me dip into and out of his mind so that I could perceive his world but also catch a glimpse of the world around him. And his world was utterly fascinating. So many thoughts and emotions and yet Isaac was unable to convey them. Such a simple and clear way of thinking, without the clutter other minds usually throw up. I loved Isaac's easy acceptance of all the nasty remarks or comments or impressions people had of him and his ability to move past it and focus on improving himself.


As for Rick, I was rather displeased with him. I felt he was taking advantage of Isaac, hoping (perhaps believing) Isaac might not understand what Rick did during his long trips but then expecting to be welcomed home with open arms and just sweep his sexual affairs under the rug. It wasn't fair to keep himself in Isaac's life if he had no intention of fully committing to being with him. I did not like that Rick fooled around then came home and became the hero Isaac thought him to be. He got off easy in the end.

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A very emotional story! I simply loved it and would very much like a sequel, just because I can't let go of Isaac just yet.