Duet For Tenor and Transradial Orthosis by Shukyou

Duet For Tenor and Transradial Orthosis - Shukyou

So, the story is placed in a steampunk alternate reality and it took me a while to catch on since there were no clear indications. But it was the perfect background for our unlikely heroes. I don't know which one I liked more: Gus or Enzo.

Enzo is barely surviving after being maimed by a spurned husband. His arm was destroyed by acid and now has a mechanical device posing as his hand and forearm. The mechanical arm doesn't have much mobility so Enzo is reduced to seducing a patron to take care of him. He meets Gus in a bar and proceeds to follow him home. Gus is an airship designer and engineer intent on Giving Enzo a better mechanical arm. He's been leading a lonely life for the last 15-20 years, surrounded only by his machines and the sound of music.

Their interactions are strained at first, each still caught up in their own world. But you gradually learn more about each of them and are witness to their budding friendship. I enjoyed Enzo's sense of humour and attempts at seducing Gus. I loved Gus for his shyness, complete devotion to his work and humility with which he secluded himself in the hangar. He was so honest and charming, I was glad he came across Enzo who would help him, not take advantage of him.

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A charming story all in all. A bit of mechanical tampering (but not enough to make you reach for a dictionary), two characters seemingly opposites and a sweet romance in the making. You'll want to read this.