The Price by Dominique Frost

The Price - Dominique Frost

It was a nice story but didn't grab my full attention. There wasn't enough of the characters to make me love them.


The plot is standard. Clumsy (almost) courtesan is picked by the ruling lord. An uncle (in this case) sets his eyes on said courtesan, while at the same time trying to kill the lord and assume power. Cole had a sassy attitude (and, for some reason, I expected him to be as vivacious as Ryan from "In the Blaze of His Hungers"). But then again, I didn't really get a feel for the characters to empathise with them or care more deeply about what might happen to them. Plus, I was annoyed by the present tense used in the story telling. And why did Darren have to set Cole free? Perhaps the man would have much rather enjoyed being kept as slave, then apprentice a physician. I'm just saying there was that possibility.

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It's good for a slave being released type of story, for characters that are not overly emotional, for minor plotting and a happy ending. I just wanted a more meaningful connection.