The Substitute Wife 3 by Keegan Kennedy

The Substitute Wife - Part Three - Keegan Kennedy

That was the proverbial icing on the cake! 1.5 stars is all I can give.


For a 1/3 of the book I wasn't sure if I was reading book 2 or 3. It was the same boring stuff: Austin waking up with Hank, morning sex, making breakfast, a blowjob then Hank going off to work. The series had to end with Austin cussing and hitting his mother in a fight for ownership over Hank. Of course, she's now this fat manipulative bitch, hoping to get rich and spoil things between the happily married couple. Luckily, Austin doesn't believe in her tricks and heroically comes to Hank's rescue. Their reward is Angie going away for good and another sex marathon to celebrate they 1 year anniversary.

(show spoiler)


If words like "boy spot" and "pussyboy", Daddy play and a bit of roughing up does it for you, then you might enjoy this despite the bad narrative.