The Substitute Wife 2 by Keegan Kennedy

The Substitute Wife - Part Two - Keegan Kennedy

Apparently this is meant to be funny and not taken seriously. Totally missed that.


Whereas in the first book, I thought the details about Austin loving Hank were added to ensure the readers didn't think this was non-con, in this installment they are included to emphasise Austin's feelings for his stepdad/husband. So the story progresses with the happy couple having married and moved to a new city and still enjoying the honeymoon bliss. Then we get a small scene where Hank shows his possessiveness and jealousy (and here I thought they were headed for a threesome) and loses the capital needed for his business to flourish. Life goes on, and Austin finds himself being stalked and almost raped in his own home by a ghost from the past, one of Hank's former employees. Of course, Hank comes right in the nick time and kills him, getting a nice reward for it. So with one smooth kill, we are shown how brave and loving Hank is towards Austin while also ensuring the needed financial capital.

(show spoiler)


By this point, I was already considering this a fairy tale, so the happily ever after slapped at the end came as no surprise.