The Substitute Wife by Keegan Kennedy

The Substitute Wife - Keegan Kennedy

First off. I feel ripped off. I open the file to see 24 pages and halfway through, the book ends. The other half is publicity for the author's other books. Moving past that, not sure how to rate this. I gave it 3 stars because I found the sex scenes hot. But the story itself, not so much. 2.5 stars.



The writing was off putting somewhat since the author seemed intent to highlight the almost daddy issues (though Hank and Austin are in no way related) - "As my ass sat on his lap for the first time, I instantly noticed that Hank, my stepdad, had a massive hard-on." We already knew Hank was his stepdad, why mention it again? And just to be sure there wasn't any idea of rape or pedophilia, we are told (right before the sex begins) that Austin has just turned 18 and that he's been fantasising about Hank doing him. Another thing that I found disturbing was Hank's tendency to use the phrase "pussy hole". However, the sex scene was dirty and hot, in part because of the incest innuendo.


Yet, even if Austin was said to be 18, he felt like a kid, or to possess the mentality of one. I mean, being asked if he wanted to play the wife role or expand his studying, he chose a life with Hank. It was like kicking a dog and expecting him to understand why you hit him in the first place.

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Still, if the installments are that short, I might try the second one also, just to see what else these two are up to.