The Backup Boyfriend by River Jaymes

The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes

For some reason, I failed to connect with the characters. Yes, it's the type of book where I have to say "it's me, not you" because other members and friends quite enjoyed it.


Dylan and Alec were cute, apart and together. They had their funny moments. But beyond that, the story felt rather typical and seemed to rely a lot on the amusing comments and situations the characters found themselves in. We have Alec, coming from a wealthy family, esteemed doctor, working hard to save HIV and homeless patients and get Proposition 8 overturned. Your perfect example of gay man. Then there is Dylan, butch (or as close to it) mechanic, coming from a broken home and spending his youth on the streets, sporting attractive oil or grease stains strategically displayed on his body, discovering his bi nature. Alec is committed to devoted relationships. Dylan doesn't have the word 'relationship' in his vocabulary. Ensues the expected path of least resistance. They become friends. Then The Look passes between them and the attraction is born. Follows some pushing and shoving as result of competition with an ex and they move things into the bedroom. They have their ups and down but in the end, the two live happily ever after (with kids in the foreseeable future). Gay for you with a predictable outcome. But then again, what other ending can there be to stories such as this?


I, for one, did not expect Dylan to enjoy bottoming out, at least not from the first intercourse scene in the book. I think that was the point I veered off from the book. And also disliked the sudden twist towards the end of the book when it was hinted that Dylan's feelings for his friend Rick went beyond friendship and camaraderie (after spending 3/4 of the book highlighting that Dylan was straight and had no interest in men... at least until Alec showed up). I stopped seeing Alec and Dylan through my eyes and only saw them as characters from a story. I wanted to feel sympathy for Dylan's rough childhood or Alec's oppressive mother but there was nothing to give. And all the jokes and witty remarks between the two MCs, or additionally included courtesy of nosy Noah, gay friend to straight and gay alike, didn't seem all that amusing to me. Sure, they put a smile on my face but didn't make me fall in love with either story or characters.

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So, in conclusion, I was looking for certain strong emotions and striking characters that I could not find in this book. Still, it's a pleasant read and sure to make you laugh along the way.