The Parting Glass by Josh Lanyon

The Parting Glass - Josh Lanyon

This was definitely much better than the first novel. Somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars for this.



I connected emotionally with Tim and it was easy to understand his anxiety at meeting Luke. I found it natural that Tim would distort the memory of their relationship while he had been drinking. It was hard going back to a town filled with drinking memories and friends who knew you more drunk than sober because the craving for a drink never goes away. It’s a constant battle to resist it. And it’s hard dissecting a past relationship, admitting your faults and mistakes and putting aside your pride. And there is always one person who is going to be hurt the most.


Like another member remarked, it’s a depressing book. It’s gloomy and only in the last few pages do you get a ray of hope, however, clearly not enough to dispel the heavy atmosphere felt throughout 95% of the book. Yet that is what I liked about the story. Perhaps you need a certain mood to be able to read this. If the author was able to immerse me in such a degree in the story and make me experience even dark emotions, so much that I even accepted the fact Luke and Tim would go their separate ways (well, the ending comes as a surprise), then how could I not praise the writing?

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The intensity of emotions bled through the pages. Well done Mr. Lanyon!