Out of the Blue by Josh Lanyon

Out of the Blue - Josh Lanyon

I admit, it took me a while to get the feel for Bat and understand the depth of emotions he felt for Gene and the grief he experienced after his death.


I slowly came to understand that Bat was young, probably experiencing for the first time what love meant (in a platonic way with Gene, then more deeply with Cowboy), thrust in the midst of a war he didn't understand. It was especially interesting to read about his desire to fight back and still be at Cowboy's mercy. Something that had ignited in him and yet Bat could not fully understand.
"This had been more on the lines of assault than genuine invasion, and he felt almost … disappointed to be getting off so easily."


And I liked Cowboy for going for what he wanted and using what ever means necessary. Covering up the death of the mechanic, using blackmail and comfort to get close to Bat and get the captain to notice him.

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It's a HFN ending but I like to feel optimistic and hope the two heroes managed to escape the dangers of the war and were able to communicate their desires so they could be together.