Half Moon Chambers by Harper Fox

Half Moon Chambers - Harper Fox

I really enjoyed the book!


What a gripping tale. The story was made of feelings. I really felt for Vince and Rowan. However, ultimately, I sided more with Rowan than I did with Vince despite the story being told from Vincent's point of view.


Each man had a past they were trying to come to terms with, trying to separate from the choices they've made and carve a new future. I cared for Vince and grimaced alongside him every time he jarred his spine, every time he was scared by thoughts of paraplegia. I initially believed Jack had betrayed him, that the 'blond god' was working for Goran Maric. When it turned out it had been fear that had made him run away, I wasn't sure if I was relieved or upset. After so many years together in the force, how could Jack hide that? How did Vince not see it? Why wasn't Vince more upset? I mean he ended up with two bullets in the back because of Jack. Even taking into account Vince was head over heels in love (and love makes anyone blind) his easy disregard of the whole incident left me with a sour taste. Jack got off way too easy for his cowardly attitude.


But coming back to Vince. It was a pleasure (if one can say that while watching the slow descent into depression and hopelessness) to watch Vincent as he came to terms with the latest events in his life and tried to accept his new reality. I was most impressed with the scene where he is imprisoned by Val and laughs at her first attempt to beat the truth out of him. Yet I must admit there was a slight inconsistency I felt between the supposedly savage beating and his enthusiastic mad dash to safety while at the same time stopping Rowan from committing suicide. I chose to ignore it and focus on the adrenaline moving me from scenery to scenery until both men was safely in police custody.


But through it all, Rowan was the shining beacon in the story. I was more impressed with him. I felt he suffered the most. Perhaps not physically but emotionally. He was repeatedly verbally abused by Vince but did not give upon him. Rowan constantly watched out for him, came to his help more than once and even went as far as admitting his feelings for Vince. I admired his courage to stay clean, to be truthful about his past and defy enemies that he had fled from for years. All for Vince. The most hurtful thing that I can imagine is to daily fight the urge to take another hit and then have someone you care for heartlessly treat it as inconsequential. Rowan was a brave man for that alone.

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I gulped this down. I enjoyed every shadow that hinted at enemies, every loaded glance or heartfelt touch that passed between the 2 MCs. The intimate scenes between them was scorching hot while still keeping to the plot line (Vince's injury). The imagery was beautifully described to complement the action and fill in the background. Not strong enough to make me 5 star rate this but a very satisfying read.