Plugs (Sealed with a Kink 1) by Sean Michael

Plugs (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book One) - Sean Michael

I think this is my first book by the author. And it is what I expected it to be. An intense BDSM scene.


Blake and Archer have been in a relationship for over a year. And to celebrate the occasion, they play a scene. And Blake will get his wish granted, which is to be fucked by Archer. I didn't feel there was much psychological development for either character, more like a linear shaping but the visual images coming alive on the page are sizzling. There is cropping, finger playing, dirty talk, plugs (of course), some light whipping and the promise of genital piercing. I found it to be a balanced composition, enough elements included and in just the right amount so as not to become off putting.

(show spoiler)


Not a bad way to get acquainted with a writer. I'll be trying other titles by him.