Play Me, I'm Yours by Madison Parker

Play Me, I'm Yours - Madison  Parker

What a delightful read! Just what I needed to brighten my day. With that said, it's also the reason this gets 4 stars. While I enjoyed this very much as it pulled me out of my funky mood, not sure it would impress the same were I to read it sometime later.



I could be picky and focus on the fact that Lucas could have had it worse than he did. I could point out it was close to impossible that one of his crushes was gay friendly and the other turned out to be gay. But I was in just the right mood to really sympathise with the character, feel bad for all the cruel jokes and nasty words flung at him and wanted nothing more than to hug him and shield him from all that disappointment. He endured a lot of ridicule and heart ache but in the end he came out victorious and with a lot of lessons learnt.


I was surprised by some interesting twists to the standard plot. The story had a gay friendly jock and a nasty, tongue lashing gay among the usual cast of high school bullies, indifferent brother and exuberant girl friend. Speaking of brothers, I liked that Mason wasn't portrayed as either mean towards his older brother or too protective but a mix in-between. Just what you would expect of a 15 year old teenager, torn between caring for his brother and saving his reputation at school, something vital to that age.


I did think Lucas was a bit effeminate, just like Trish said. But in the end, it proved to be one of his qualities. He wouldn't have been so passionate about music, so caring about people, so forgiving otherwise. I had my doubts as to whom exactly he liked whenever he spent time with Adam (who was appealing despite his claims of not being gay... and let's not forget he stole Lucas' first kiss). I thought Lucas was a bit too naive and trusting when he started going out with Donovan, choosing to be blind to Donovan's true intentions. Lucas resembled his mother in that brief relationship.


And one other thing that bugged me was the vagueness of Zach's past. Was he indeed fond of spankings and other kinky games? Would Lucas end up trying them? Liking them? I wouldn't have minded another 50 pages or so to explore that avenue.

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Like I said, a very enjoyable read. It left me happy and in good spirits and with the urge to re-listen to some famous hits (F**k You, True Colors, All Through the Night, Dance me to the End of Love).