The Sentinel by Eden Winters

The Sentinel - Eden Winters


It was a nice story. I had some problems accepting Stone's sudden change of heart and his decision to disobey his commanding officer, after years of programming. And I personally wouldn't have linked their minds after Connell died. I much rather would have wanted a bittersweet end where Connell lived only in Stone and Pearl's memory. Stone could just as easily have gone to slumber after Pearl's death and reanimated if ever a ship threat appeared.


But I enjoyed the slow way in which Stone and Connell learnt to communicate and live together. It brought a smile to my face to see them care so much for Pearl and work at making a life for themselves and her. It was touching to see Stone as the gruff dad, reluctant to let his daughter find a mate.


And it did make me wonder what would happen after the ship beacon sounded and what threat it announced. And how Stone would react to it and whether he would live again... and maybe seek another mate.

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I'd read the sequel, if there ever was one.