Brethren (Raised by Wolves 1) by W. A. Hoffman

Brethren - W.A. Hoffman

Wonderful characters. Complex personalities. Amazing world building. Captivating story. Charismatic writing style.


What more can I say?



It took me several pages to get the feel of Will (not to mention I had to keep the dictionary close by with all the naval and time related vocabulary) but I soon found myself immersed in the world. I cheered, I tensed, I felt despair, sadness, hope and love alongside Will as he became a buccaneer, fell in love with Gaston and experienced an array of adventures.


I loved the deeply philosophical and rational discussions Will and Gaston embarked upon, how they made sense of the world and themselves. Both men are deeply scarred (one more on the outside and the other on the inside) and it's wonderful to watch their struggles to overcome these obstacles and bring happiness to their matelot.


I would write more, if I had the talent for writing and time to spare. But I can't find the words to describe the journey you take with these characters, nor can I be apart from them for long. I'm off to start volume 2.

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Parting words: It's so worth the read!