Wishbone by Lauren P. Burka

Wishbone - Lauren P. Burka

Wow, now that was quite a story. 4.5 stars for it.


It's a gripping story. I wasn't sure what to expect as I read but what I found on the page was quite exciting. It wasn't your every day story of a whore picked up from the street and taught the ways of love by an alien species. Or better said, this idea is present in the book but hidden under so many other motifs it hardly gets any attention.



Wishbone is purchased for one night by a shih-aan, a race with whom the humans have been at war and are currently at frail peace. As the ways of his trade, he leaves the house with a comb stolen from Sir. The comb proves to be cursed as Wishbone is captured by the Dock Patrol, all his money stolen and beaten to an inch of his life. He takes the comb back and is forced to submit to the House of Justice, being branded with the letter X on his right cheek to mark him as a thief. But the story doesn't end there. Wishbone manages to get a pardon from the shih-aan and a promise to be taken care of. And so their journey begins. Wishbone learns not only how to curb his wayward hands but also the ways of the shih-aan, how to respect someone and ultimately how to fall in love.


I was quite drawn to the psychological profiling the characters offered throughout the story both about the other as well as themselves. Add to it the mysterious ways, customs and traditions of the shih-aan and it was a magical ride. For me at least. They depicted a world where lust, hurt and care were mingled in a cohesive whole and it was fascinating to watch Senjian and Wishbone find their way through hints at the core of it. Their journey is pretty hardcore (and not for the faint of heart who shudder at the mention of blood) and there were times where I cringed in sympathy as one or the other would suffer during their sex play. In fact the book starts pretty heavy with Wishbone being fisted that first night he is purchased by Senjian. But even this rough sex playing is embedded in the characters' personality and works as another link to tie them together. And the writing is so good, that I was often able to move past concentrating on the pain but rather on the overall sensation of the act itself.

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As I said, not a light BDSM reading. But the characters, the story and the slow way in which they come together is well worth the read.