Blood Red by Cordelia Kingsbridge

Blood Red - Cordelia Kingsbridge

Where to start? How to review this one? Its rating is a mix between the 4.5 stars of the first half of the story and the 2 stars for the other half.


It wasn't an original idea. There are other stories out there of a slave with magical powers being rescued from the grips of his cruel master. I liked how it was done in this book.

The first timid steps between Aedan and Demitrios, the slow introduction into the kind of life Aedan had while imprisoned by Griffiths was very well done. I quickly fell into the story and came to like the characters. There were surprises along the way, to keep me on my toes (like Griffiths' penchant for spanking and being called daddy, Demitrios liking to lick Aedan clean after their sex, Demitrios various forms between human and wolf, the knot). I was breathing heavily during every action scene as well as the erotic ones, so well written it completely took me away from reality. Then Aedan is taken away from the arena and from Lorcan's evil plans and set free among a pack of beastmen. And things started to feel shifty. I couldn't quite connect with Aedan as he wavered between being able to make his own decisions and conniving for a way to bond with Demitrios. I had no problem with the plans he made if only they had been more defined instead of vague.


And then Lorcan came back. And Aedan gave himself up to Lorcan in exchange for a promise of safety for the others. I really liked Aedan and then he had to go pull a stupid stunt like that. Man was I pissed off. When he had no idea if the power he was giving Lorcan might enable him to escape the curse, when an entire village fought to keep Aedan safe, teach him the value and taste of freedom, when he knew how easy it is for people to go back on their promises, Aedan could not think of anything else than surrender to Lorcan. I got disconnected from the character by these actions. I simply refused to admit his choice as the logical option. So, I was pretty detached as he suffered at the hands of Lorcan. I was quite fed up with the story at this point. It felt as if I was forced to feel pity and sorrow for the horrors Aedan and his saviors endured at Lorcan’s hands when it was a conscious choice.


That last stretch of the story completely ruined the magic. I was glad they all made it and that Lorcan was destroyed and everyone got their happily ever after but it was a distant emotion. I wasn't in the story anymore.

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