Weight of a Gun - Anthology

Weight of a Gun - Cornelia Grey, Peter Hansen, Elizabeth Hyder

Bounty Hunter - 2 stars
Changing the Guard - 4 stars
The Machinist - 4 stars
My Rifle Is Human - 4 stars
In the Pines - 3 stars
Compromised Judgment - 4 stars


Bounty Hunter. I'm not much of a fan for cowboys (or maybe haven't found the right book). And I was getting confused when the action jumped to moments in the past. I liked the MCs well enough and the idea that they added the hunt to the thrill of their relationship. But did not love the story.


Changing the Guard was well done. I liked the characters and their interaction throughout the book. Tomi was sweet in his policy to follow rules (and did that ever turned out to be a good thing). The background was interesting, with living on a different planet, cast away and alone. I wouldn't have minded reading what happened to the two after the brief encounter.


The Machinist was the most brutal out of the anthology. I originally picked up this book solely for this story alone. So I left reading it last. Avery is a machinist in a world plagued by fearsome beasts, where the population is split into colonies and the only rule is 'survival of the fittest'. He is rescued from a colony only to end up prisoner to another colony lord. Only this one has no qualms about using force to convince Avery to be their machinist. I actually winced in sympathy when Avery was fucked with the gun he had cleaned (even if he seemed to enjoy it) and then fucked by Harrow with barely any preparation. However, by the end of the story, it seemed he got off on rough playing, so his capture wasn't without benefits.



My Rifle Is Human is already reviewed here: http://trix.booklikes.com/post/586016/my-rifle-is-human-by-sumi.


In the Pines was the saddest of the bunch. As I read, I kept hoping my suspicions would be wrong. As Tyler kept spending more and more time in the dream world and as Flynn kept asking him to join him in his world, with Tyler waking up with the gun pressed to his head, I figured where it was all headed. I kept hoping till the last line in the story. I felt sad that Tyler died. It would have been nice if a different alternative had been possible.


Compromised Judgment was pretty complex and well shaped out. I could really get into the skin of Ignác with this story, feel his thrill at playing with the gun. And there was some nice imagery in describing the guns and how they were made, carrying a part of their creator. I would have liked more room for the world to be described as I felt rushed to understand the hierarchy and social move of the characters. But the action scenes and tension between the MCs more than made up for that. And the ending scene with Ignác and Konrád in the bedroom, playing with the gun and Ignác having to prove his worthiness for using Konrád's creation... very hot!

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