You Get Full Credit For Being Alive by Cari Z

You Get Full Credit For Being Alive - Cari Z

This was amazing! It felt a bit off in the sense that a police officer would so easily give up his life and go into hiding with a paid assassin. But other than that, everything was sublime.


I loved Justin. I was enchanted by his mysterious background (and I was dying to know his real name). He had such a dark and troubled past. But it was fantastic to watch his transformation: see him arguing with his conscience, be truthful in admitting his sins and past crimes as well some current criminal urges. He made no excuses for doing away with Janich. And his love confession was so sweet for being a surprise even for Justin. And the care and commitment he dedicated to Shawn, a perfect stranger. It made him human despite his flaws and I liked him all the more for it.


Shawn was a quiet presence in the book, the driving factor that helped Justin in his change. He was young, too young to have to deal with the death of his first partner, then be betrayed by his lover. And on top of that, be attacked for doing the right thing. I admired his perseverance when faced with an unwilling body. And, though a bit cheesy, I loved it when his heartbeat responded to Justin despite him being a coma.


The whole story was well put together. Lots of action and just the right amount of sweetness and romanticism to make it more memorable as the characters were brought together. Quite the interesting reading!