The Tentacle Monster Everyone Wanted by Evie Kiels

The Tentacle Monster Everyone Wanted - Evie Kiels

Cute little story about a teenager who finds himself one day having tentacles. Right in the middle of a makeout session with his crush. Needless to say this freaks them out and the crush, Aniket, ends up throwing a game controller at Kit and calling him some hurtful names. Ensues a period of separation and angsty moments for Kip, who feels cast out and alone. I guess I would too, if the love of my love (and star of every sexual fantasy) called me names and tried to whack me in the head.


But Aniket comes back. Kip doesn't know what to make of it and shies away. Luckily, Aniket is pretty persistent so that in the end, all misunderstandings are cleared and they get to be together.


I couldn't really get into the story as I was confused about certain details of the background story. Were tentacles something common in the society? Why did Kip's parents leave?


But if you treat it as a short and amusing story, it's worth the read.