Double Teaming the Stepbrother (Gay Erotica) (All in the Family) - Evan J. Xavier This story gets 3 stars for smuttiness and 2 stars for plot line.

It was a generous 2 star rating for the plot since this is basically PWP. Tyler has a crush on his stepbrother (one that is known by said stepbrother). We are told Tyler's date, Luke, was a former rival as they go out. They end up back at the apartment, where the aforementioned stepbrother, Jonas, treats himself to a bit of voyeuristic show before joining in. Ensues the threesome, giving Jonas and Tyler the go-ahead to continue fucking in the future also. The threesome was rather passionate, though slightly different in vocabulary than I was accustomed to ("driving his man meat deeper into my bowels" O_O).

This qualifies as written gay porn. If you're in the mood for that and fancy the idea of stepbrothers being together, you'll enjoy this.