Boy's Toys (The Administration, #7.2) - Manna Francis Wow! Just wow! Let me catch my breath for a moment and gather my scattered neurons!

I admit to finding guns alluring but this brought everything to a whole new level. I found myself understanding Toreth's comment that guns are dangerous but also Warrick's attractio to them.

And Manna managed to make it incredibly erotic. I didn't think it would be all that interesting but the trust between them, to try something like that, something with a potential to be unbelievably dangerous (I mean imagine if the gun had been loaded... and going inside Warrick and slippery fingers on the trigger...*shudders*) and still get off on it...

Toreth is right about one thing: "he knew Warrick's limits better than he did himself" A balanaced partnership that keeps them together. Attention to details, care and minute planning from Toreth and an offer of trust from Warrick. Both of them willing to test limits and boundaries but know to back off if too much.

When the trigger went off, that scene paralysed me while knowing the gun wasn't loaded. I can't say whether I would have had the same reaction Warrick did, but I was impressed by the writing as it made me feel Warrick's response, even though personally I might have reacted differently. Great writing Manna!