Corrupted - Todd Young This proved to be a difficult read and a difficult one to rate. Had it been only for the feeling it left me with, I would have rated it somewhere between 1 and 2 stars. However, the story itself deserves 3 stars.

I didn't like the characters. I found Bradley too attached to Justin, too stupid to realise he was being used and lead on only to ensure that Justin's every whim was fulfilled. It was hard to believe he was able to come from practically any touch or thought. I hated Justin for showing Bradley kindness sparsely, teasing him with something he knew Bradley desperately needed (who sits around with his privates exposed and still claim he's not gay?).

I couldn't believe Tom and his gang would get away with stripping a guy naked at a gathering and then poor Bradley would actually have to stand naked in front of the entire assembly. And the final scene where Bradley ends up being raped by Tom (as I can't call that consensual) and Bradley doesn't seem affected, although he had vehemently and repeatedly stated he wanted Justin to be his first...only to have Justin end the book with asking for sexual favors, jockstrap included. Too weird for words.

The reason I think this deserves 3 stars is because, although I found it hard to finish the story, it seemed believable. I could very well imagine this actually happening to someone. A guileless teenager being tricked into porn and being used by so called friends. I was left with a sour taste in my mouth after this. But it's still a probability that happens.