What to Buy for the Vamp Who Has Everything - A.M. Riley This was the perfect in-between story for Adam and Peter. Haven't read the sequel, "No Rest for the Wicked" yet but it really helped to get an insight on how Peter feels about Adam, their relationship, vampires.

What was outlined in "Immortality is the Suck" about Peter is developed more here. Through not so many words, the feelings between the two of them are described. And although they seem too different, they do make it work. I also liked that Adam evolves along the way, trying to change his ways, be more responsible towards himself, Peter and the world in general. And we needed Peter's POV in order to see this depressed, saddened and pessimistic Adam that still manages to pull through as long as he has Peter to rely on.

This short installment wasn't meant to uncover another threat to Los Angeles but merely to strengthen the bond between Peter and Adam.