Shadows of the Mind - Mark Alders I don't know what to say. I can't even formulate a sentence. Every time I thought I might find something worthy in this book, I read something proving me wrong.

[spoiler ahead]Jacob's flimsy manner of falling for someone, minutes after meeting (and after lusting for another). Getting a blow job while running away from aliens, right after one of them pissed himself. Just these two elements... what a way to start the story! O_O (I probably should have stopped then) The forever mingle of sexual innuendos and foreplay with successions of running away from aliens. The clumsiness and plain stupidity of the characters, better at getting themselves n trouble than out of it... Jacob complaining to be the only gay man in that small town, only to later present at least 2 bi-men. Yes, quite the lonely soul he was, huh? And out of nowehere, Callum sharing such a private and marking experience, of being abused by his mother in a truth game? Seriously? I won't even bring up the whole "aliens want our bile' motif.[end spoiler]

I was quite disappointed by this book, so much I had to force myself to finish it. I could find nothing appealing in it.