When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling - Tom  Collins,  Thirteen This was such a sweet story!! I could hardly put it down, even when my eyes were bloodshot and tired from reading until the wee hours of the morning.

The two points of view in the story was so disintctly apart and yet each compelling and strong, making the reader feel those emotions, walk, talk and act as the respective character. Both Liam and Oliver had their own traumas darkening their past and affecting their present. And it was amazing to see how what each thought was their flaws affected their relationship but ultimately turned out to be the foundation for love, respect and long term commitment.

I was at first surprised how easily Liam adjusted to being attracted to the same gender and how eager he was to try everything out... excel actually, as if it were a test. But that just went along with his seemingly flaky personality. And as the story progressed, I came to love his airy, dreaming charm and the ease with which he passed Oliver's defenses and struggled for their relationship.

Oliver was so bashfully sweet from the beginning with his lack of trust and confidence in himself. I felt sorry for the abuse he endured at the hands of his real parents and seem to be a walking contradiction between his cool facade of EMT and shaking young man looking for true love. He seemed a bit too fixated on his flaws but then again, after so long, it was hard for him to see anything else.

What else can I say about the book? Liam and Oliver were breathtaking be it together or apart. Even the sexual between them was spiced with loving gestures and romantic poetry. The side characters were funny and charming. And Brendan was an interesting perk to the story, giving the whole thing more depth and complexity.

5 star rating all the way!