Don't Look Back - Josh Lanyon Sadly, this book didn't rate as well as the others I've read by Josh Lanyon. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to start a marathon of his books. Should have taken a break after finishing the "Adrien English Mystery" series. This book rated a meager 2.5 stars.

I am still impressed by Adrien English that I found Peter Killian very much similar. The setting and details were different, of course, but there was the same atmosphere, same civilian involved with a cop. I spent half the book comparing Peter to Adrien and the other half having this crazy notion that there was going to be a reversal of the situation in the last pages, showing Michael as being the bad guy as well... leaving Peter alone, depressed, unable to trust anyone and committing suicide. Luckily, the author wasn't quite shrewd in the plot line giving us the HEA for both men.

I would have definitely enjoyed this more, had it not been the shadow of Adrien and Jake hovering above it. As it is, I could only find the story passable.