Submission Times Two - Claire Thompson I liked the story. Though I would rather give it 3.5 stars as rating, I rounded it to 4.

The reason why I couldn't quite immerse in the story is because the feelings and actions of the characters seemed a bit forced in the beginning. It was logical that all 3 men would have to develop feelings for each other for the relationship to work. But the interaction between Cam and Andrew seemed manufactured, at least at first. I knew before reading, that Andrew would meet Cam alone at the opening of the gallery and that a spark would fly between them. Maybe I just don't believe in love at first sight but that is what I felt the author was trying to hint at between Andrew and Cam that night at the gallery, thus preparing the foundation for their relationship later on.

However, once the setting had been arranged, I came to like the story more. It was interesting to see all 3 points of view of the relationship. Each very distinct and bringing into focus important issues and questions needing answers. The BDSM element was also nicely presented and boundaries were respected both in what concerned the specific of the scenes as well as the wish of all three men to partake in them. I also liked how in tandem the sexual and emotional involvement progressed. It made it easier to be pulled into the story.

There were bits and pieces that I liked and some that I didn't. But overall, I liked the plot line and the characters and thought they deserved their HEA.