Last Call Europe: Black Wolf - Belinda McBride I'd give this a 2.5 star rating.

For some reason, I couldn't get into the mood of the story. Perhaps I wasn't reading carefully because I was left with a rather vague impression of the characters feel and should act. In the first 30 to 40 pages, I thought the story was going to focus on the BDSM aspect of a werewolf and a husky. But then the plot veered off towards a mysterious killer and demons at work. And this is where I felt the story was a bit unclear. There were only bits and pieces explained about Jedidiah and I think the whole "chasing the killer - final battle" scene could have been handled better. Had to re-read some fragments to understand who was fighting who (or what) when the demon came to the house.

And another things that didn't quite fit in, was Brutus' submission. It seemed to me more like he got tricked the first time and he was humoring Jasper the other time. But maybe the story was too short to develop that side.

Overall, there was a good intrigue set up but I wasn't very convinced by the characters playing it out.