Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare Despite initial doubts, I enjoyed the book.

The overall concept of the story was revealed from the blurb so there were no major surprises in that area as I progressed with the book. However, the way the characters played it all out made it worth while. I liked Ori's personality, such kindness and trust hardly believable in a human person. He was indeed made out to be the perfect submissive. And while at times, I found it hard to envision his personality and desire to obey his master's every command, I still liked him. He was sweet and innocent and so eager to please.

And I liked Raynard's personality. It was the first time I read about a top being gentle and showing his dominance through words and explanations and gestures as used here. Especially when he showed such care and affection for his submissive. It was interesting to read about a BDSM relationship that didn't include some of the harsher elements. And the fact that he was a hawk was nicely incorporated into his personality as Dominant.

It was a bit disappointing that the avian shifter perspective of the story wasn't further detailed. Other than introduce a different social hierarchy and a paranormal twist to the story, it was pretty much left out. I would have loved to read move about their personality as respective birds, how they acted when shifting and so on. One thing that seemed a bit forced and out of place was Ori's stubborness and refusal to adopt his new social status. Both he and Raynard danced around each other, both claiming they knew what was best for the other. After digging in his heels for over a month, it seemed odd that Raynard finally gave in and returned to Ori, after only a few words from Hamilton, whom he didn't like or respect all that much (or so I thought earlier in the book).

And yet, I still enjoyed the book. It does have its flaws but the characters made for a nice read and the avian society was a new concept for me. It left me with a nice feeling inside so it deserves a 4 star rating.