Sealing the Deal - Kim Dare Sadly, I can't say I was very much impressed with the book, thus it gets only 2 stars.

I wasn't very convinced by the characters of the story. Ok, the story was mildly interesting with an affair starting from a previous working relationship and how things would progress to dominant/submissive roles. But it was never detailed. The story stopped right after the contract was signed with no detailing of how things would evolve. The end came just when it was getting interesting.

As for the characters... it was hard to get Toby. While seeming in control, intelligent and well off at the start of the story, he turned into someone else completely once he shifted into submissive role. Something I found hard to relate. Even with the excuse that arousal might cloud his mind, he was just so needy, unsure and a simpleton, completely opposite of what I imagined/expected. I just couldn't come to like their relationship when his behavior was so much altered, willingly done so or not. And Scott was rather hard to understand as there were few moments written from his pov. He did seem in control and top like but it came bit off when both declared their love from first sight, contract or no contract. Perhaps I like my dominants a bit more firm, heh... who knows.

I suppose the author isn't interested in delving deeper into the realm of BDSM, only showing the initial steps but for me, this was a tad too lukewarm.