Payback - Jordan Castillo Price I liked the story. I was surprised by its shortness. I didn't check what number of pages it had and I was expecting something more elaborate.

Due to the restrictions of space, there wasn't much deescription of the main character Michael. But what I learnt was enough to make me like him. He seemed young and very marked by his friend's death, enough to start a 2 year hunt for the killer. Commitment and hard work. I already knew from the blurb that Bill was a vampire so it was fun reading through the story with that knowledge.

Their encounter with Gray was sizzling hot! But interesting at the same time. It was as if two separate events, one where the three of them were tangled in the sheets in the hotel room, and a second one where Michael plotted how to send Bill away and stake Gray.

I am very curious as to what the second installment will bring. And I hope it's much much longer and detailed than this one was.