Brazen - Jordan Castillo Price It wasn't quite what I expected. True, I didn't read the blurb, so it was anybody's guess what the installment would contain.

What I got however, didn't quite impress me. One of the things being Michael's idea for a threesome. While there were moments where I was drawn in to the image of the three of them together, I personally don't do well with someone else crowding me for my lover's attention. The green eye monster and all. So, long story short, the idea was hot but I couldn't get in the mood of it.

As for the story development around that, I found it slightly depressive with Michael's alterations from the vampire virus and his trouble over developing a kink for bites during sex. As well as hearing about Bill's past and his impressions when he was alive and Catholic. Everything in this story just painted a bleak image of the two of them aimlessly wandering, while Michael might yet become a vampire.

I appreciated the alternate pov from one story to the next but now I find it impairing as it's difficult to understand the characters' thoughts. I'd give this 2.5 stars. Not sure if I want to continue reading the series.