Letting In the Light - Fae Sutherland This was such a predictable book. This, along with its rather bland characters made it hard to rate this higher than 2 stars.

There were no surprises along the way of the story. Or perhaps the swift change from one extreme to the other in the characters' behavior was the only surprising element. The wandering youth falls head over heels, love at first sight with a reclusive successful writer. There were no compelling arguments for their feelings as both characters admit to knowing very little of each other. The story starts from the idea that Rowan would bring Finn out into the world but then later, his services prove to be in vain as Finn simply enjoyed working in privacy. Rowan initially is dead set on winning Finn but then does a 180 turn and out of the blue decides it would be best to end things and hit the road. Finn acts much in the same way, though starting from the opposite point. Where he initially has no interest in the delivery boy, it takes no longer than a day to become smitten and soon enough to want him to stay forever (albeit with some harsh brush offs along the way).

The plot line was simple enough but there was no story development to make the reading interesting. Both characters were confused about what they wanted but quickly changed their daily routine after one (or several) sexual encounters. And the friend's (Jake) aggressive reaction to their relationship was out of the blue as there had been no indication of his feelings in the first half of the book. Not to mention that the relationship between Jake and Rowan seemed as superficial as Rowan and Finn's, with only a couple or weeks of acquaintance, despite Rowan claiming best friend status (for Jake) and eternal lover (for Finn).

It was very light reading. I personally would have liked more character development, thus the rating.