Show Me Yours - Kaje Harper I'm sad to say I'm giving this only 2 stars.

The story started pretty nicely with Trey and Josh, each in turn expressing their affection for the other man and the fear that confessing would pull them apart and destroy their long lasting friendship. It was sweet and funny seeing both of them tiptoe around each other, trying to act casual but all the while becoming more aware of the attraction between them.

But then things veered rather abruptly. Trey 's discussion with the kid could have had many interpretations but Trey immediately ran out. At first, I thought he had a flashback to Felix being abused by someone older and that Trey would fill the part of the older man in Josh's eyes. But it was just because his secret was out. And after spending half the book going in detail of their every day life, the story started galloping through events. Both Josh and Trey confessed their preference for the same sex, they declared their undying love, came out to their parents, moved in together and went through a list of things they like and don't like in bed.

Instead of rejoicing that his dreams came true, Trey anguished whether Josh's feelings were true, forcing the man to suggest anal sex when he wasn't into it. In another fit to prove his love, Josh came out to his brother, whom so far in the book had been described as deeply affected by the rape. I'm sure Felix was glad to get a phone call out of nowhere just to have his brother announce he was gay and ask for his acceptance. Josh not only came out to his brother but his family also. Having had a week's time to realise his deep feelings for Trey (sarcasm here) he boldly faced the wrath of his parents, in an effort to convince Trey of his commitment to their relationship.

By this point in the book, I had lost interest and was wondering what else could there be said. The part where Josh confessed not to like anal surprised me a bit. But I liked how the matter was handled and displayed in the story. Like Emma Sea said, it's not always about anal in a relationship. And if the two did not count merely on sex, then their relationship would be long lasting.

I found it hard to imagine the story line as it was presented but the idea overall was nice and I'm glad the two discussed their misunderstandings and had their happily ever after.