In Darkness Bound (The Society #1) - Christine  Price This was an interesting story. Towards the end, the rating dropped towards 2 but in the end I'll give this a 3 star rating.

I was drawn to Chris from the beginning, after he lost his brother (or thought he did) and spent the next years trying to live up to his expectations. I was glad he found someone to trust and support him while being imprisoned by Dalhousie. The methods she used to torture/blackmail/isolate the 3 men seemed a bit off, as I didn't understand very well how the compound was displayed and what kind of forces she had with her. I mean, most of those means of keeping the men locked away were useless since she had that pain-inducing device inserted in their spine.

Vance was interesting through his menacing personality and vampire characteristics. Simon was mostly mysterious as the angel trapped within him wasn't revealed until towards the end of the story. I read half the book thinking patient 66 was actually the evil manifestation of Simon, spawn from within him, somehow.

They all had flaws and insecurities in regards to their paranormal abilities and it took their combined efforts to not perceive them as lessening and evil. Of course, their perfect coming together, without any jealousy or any other problems, seemed a bit forced. But in the end, I was glad they survived the horror of the imprisonment (albeit needing years of therapy) and had their happily ever after.