Tainted Blood - Sam C. Leonhard Oh, how to rate this? If I were to treat it seriously, I'd solidly give it 1 star. If I were to take into account the ludicrousness of the characters, I'd give it 2 stars.

I simply could not take Gabriel or Tennant serious throughout the story. Both made up these convoluted explanations for their actions, leading to more misunderstandings. And always thinking the worst so as to appear doomed by fate. I found their arguments feeble and not quite in tune with their actions. Why go back to the mission when Gabriel had previously stated he hated it there and only went when forced by hunger? Why claim to have friends and care about them, when again, he visited the mission so seldom and much preferred his solitude? Why run away from the fae and then come up with all sort of reasons to go back? Why spend the night together then run away, all on a presumption that Tennant had no felings for him. I won't even detail the whole "sleep with me or I'll go mad" scene. I just laughed it out and moved on.

I was unable to bond with the characters and find their actions, thoughts and feelings believable. There were some interesting concepts and ideas woven into the story line (like the runes and the various abilities). But the 2 MC that should have kept me glued to the book only pushed me away. So in the end, just 1 star for this.