Hidden Talents (Hidden Talents, #1) - Claire Cray I'd give this 5 stars if it weren't for the length. The story left me with more questions than the answers it provided. And it was frustrating to stop just when things were getting more interesting.

Jin was the first to be introduced and I liked his humor and bold personality. He faced threat and challenges with a funny line and humor in his eyes. However, the story led to believe there is more than meets the eye with him and I would have liked to find out more about him.

At first glance, I didn't much pay attention to Sky. But then the story focused its attention on him and you couldn't help but feel sorry and want to comfort him, once his past was revealed.

And Ken. His horrible past and horrendous experiences made me like him instantly. It was amazing to observe his will to go on and evolve beyond the traumatic events that marked his early years in life. I was equally interested in his curious attempts at adjusting to society and I so longed to read more about it. And hopefully, about growing feelings between him and Jin.

Mark. There was so much despair in him. Such torn devotion between his love for Dylan and attraction to Jen. Despite Jen's destructive nature, he was unable to completely pull away.

I could not fully understand their abilities. Each character had a brief moment in the spotlight. Definitely not enough to completely portray them but enough to pique my interest. Enough to make me care for each. So just for leaving me hanging... 4.5 stars.