Minus Tide - Claire Cray It was an interesting sequel to the list of characters that [b:Hidden Talents|15830156|Hidden Talents (Hidden Talents, #1)|Claire Cray|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345056124s/15830156.jpg|21564576] introduced.

The ending left so many questions. I came to feel just what the other characters felt for Sky. He did stupid and annoying things then his self hatred made you want to pity him. However, it didn't occur to me he might have had help in going back on heroin, had the author not said something to that effect. Looking forward to the sequel.

I was glad to find out more about Jin. As predicted, his personality is a lot deeper than meets the eye. He finds it easy to kill people and his self destructive nature might end up hurting those around him, not only Jin. He likes to play with fire but not sure if he's aware of the risks of such a dangerous game.

Each character seems independent and solitary in their actions, but somehow, everything is threaded together. And even though there is no immediate danger, you read every page with a sense of foreboding. 4.5 stars and off to read the third installment.