Muffin (Muffin #1) - Mahsa Really? That's how the story ended? How anticlimatic! Those were my first thoughts as my eyes rested on the last dot of the story. Which is why I gave this 4 stars (and if I were mean, I'd give it 3.5).

After mixing the plot to the point of not understanding it, Muffin/Matthew supposedly sacrifices himself to save Asher, going back to his non-existence in the world. I didn't find that such a huge sacrifice. Sure, he cared about Anna and Zack but he was already accustomed to making it on his own, so starting afresh didn't seem like a terrible burden for Matthew. I'll admit it, I wanted my happy ending: Asher and Matthew together. And I got something totally different. I got a link to another story where, hopefully they might make up. And if not.. well, there is always the third story, right? Or the fourth? Or whenever the author decides she's had enough of writing? I felt like the story dragged too much towards the end.

It was original in the sense that Asher wasn't the good guy, nor the totally bad guy of the story. I liked the richness of the story telling and how vividly I experienced Muffin's feelings and sensations and reactions. I liked how the author managed to personalize all the characters in the story, not have them be only supporting cast for the 2 MC. I liked the well thought out plot bringing Matthew and Asher together. I enjoyed the action and adrenaline packed sequences and simply loved the tender, emotional scenes of romance between Muffin and the big scary mobster. But with such convoluted turn of events and weird actions by Muffin in the last few chapters, the story totally failed to impress me, right when it mattered most. I was left with a sour taste in my mouth and feeling slightly irked by the fact that I'm being pushed to read her other work "Matthew" in order to find out what happened next. If it had truly been the end, it would have been a lousy one... the two of them forever separated by doubt and betrayal. Having to read the sequel, just makes it look like Muffin isn't really over, just broken in 2 parts.

I was mesmerized by the book and the characters for the first half of the story. I was immersed in the events and couldn't wait to read more. But the last half of the book felt disjointed to me (just different from what I expected). I didn't get my HEA but more like a cliffhanger. Thus the lowered rating.