Scorpion - Aleksandr Voinov Quite a story. Voinov succeeded in portraying an amazing world and cast of characters that mingled to create a great story.

I admit I had prepared myself for a muh darker story than Scorpion turned out to be. Some of the reviews led me to think this book would be heavy to read and very complex. 1/3 into the book and I realised it wasn't as worrisome as I had pictured it to be. But the plot and the creative interaction between the characters captivated me.

Each character had their own doubts and fears which dictated the path they would choose. There wasn't a clear distinction between right and wrong and it was thrilling to read about the multiple facets each character wore throughout the book. Equally interesting to watch how they came together after seemingly unrelated scenes. There were several turn of events that came as a surprise, others that were predictable, there were emotional moments between the characters and smoking sexual encounters that set the pages aflame.

I quite enjoyed this story and the world it presented. Would definitely read the sequel, should there ever be one.