Incursion - Aleksandr Voinov Quite a pleasure to read this. Second book by this author and I was not disappointed.

Voinov did a great job in giving life to this sci-fi story, the same way in which he built the world in [b:Scorpion|10671271|Scorpion|Aleksandr Voinov||15580815]. The main reason I fell in love with Kyle was because he was not your average hero, putting his spying skills to the test to bring down a criminal. He was not going to be able to overcome his condition. He was forced to use prostheses to avoid being a cripple and any fighting skills he might have had, were now history. He had basically signed up for a job he was physically incapable of finishing. And even though he had his dark moments, he bore it well, making the most of what was available to him. It just made me like him more.

Grimm was quite the character. Up to the bedroom scene, I wasn't ready to join sides with Kyle and think of Grimm as being the morphing Glyrinny. Even with evidence pointing him as the shape changer, I liked him too much to be the wanted fugitive. And what a turn of events when his actions made him the good guy in the story, coming to Kyle's rescue again and again: first by healing his injury, then saving him from Commonwealth's hands.

The plot and world were intricate and lovely to explore. It wasn't your average alien story, so there was a lot of information but that actually helped center the way Kyle and Grimm interacted. There wasn't a lot of emphasis on the romantic development between the two but there was no need as the action and relationship building between the MCs occupied center stage.

My only regret is that "Incursion" ended too soon. I'd love to read more of these two. Easily a 4.5 star rating for this.