Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov Overall, I'd give this a 3.5 star rating but I'll round it up to 4. As interesting as it was made to be, it didn't fully catch my attention. I wasn't so drawn to the characters to read everything in one go, which made me drop the rating. So it's only based on personal preference.

Nikolai was an interesting character. It was fun watching him fumble through the slightly embarrassing moment of being hit on by a business associate, slowly becoming more attracted to LeBeau junior and lastly, daring to try and build a serious relationship with Henry.

The story had a pleasant balance between detailing the business takeover of Cybele and the developing feelings between Henry and Nikolai. I was a bit irritated at having details and hints revealed from the [b:Special Forces|6708511|Special Forces (Special Forces, #1-3)|Aleksandr Voinov||6904341] series, as I have not read it yet. I hate spoilers. So perhaps this too, dragged the rating down.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. It was nicely paced, there was a solid story behind the characters (I hate Anya), not just random information to fill in the blank spaces between the characters getting it on (though there is enough of getting on too, which was yummy to read). I just couldn't fall in love with the characters to make this story a favourite.